P.A.L. Membership


PAL Tier 1 membership of the General Assembly is open to any Palestinian, whose country of origin is historic Palestine, aged 16-years or older and who has completed the "Sajjil Enna Falastini" membership form.

Is open to those who meet GA Tier 1 requirements and who have paid the $25 membership fee or have received a waiver of that fee. Request to waive fee maybe made through the “Inquiry” form on this site.

All General Assembly Members are welcome to discuss, debate, and make recommendations- and those aged 18yrs up, may vote for members of the Legislative Committee, which is detailed below. Tier 2 General Assembly Members will receive more detailed information about, and access to, PAL operations, plans and projects.

The Legislative Committee [LC] members are tasked with serving and representing the interests and aspirations of the members of the GA; ensuring that PAL and its working committees are operating as required to fulfil the mission and values of PAL; and to ensure to health and integrity of PAL. The LC must reflect the demographic composition of our people by gender, class, age, region, skills etc.

The Executive Committee bears the ultimate responsibility for ensuring the health and sound activity of PAL, and is comprised of- and voted in by- members of the Legislative Committee.