Palestinian Assembly For Liberation

The Palestinian Assembly for Liberation [P.A.L.] is committed to strengthening Palestinian mobilizations for liberation and return; to advancing the political power and representation of Palestinians in spaces and institutions that impact our rights; and to forging a renewed Palestinian unity by strengthening our socio-economic and political bonds.



We envision a liberated Palestine as a seat of morality and indigenous dignity, equity and justice for all Palestinians.

We are committed to the noble and unyielding pursuit of justice and self-determination.

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We are Palestinians with deep roots in historic Palestine. We are a network of activists, community members and organizations based in North America, united by our common vision of indigenous liberation and decolonization of Palestine. We are dedicated to advancing the right to return, freedom, justice, and equality for all Palestinians.



News & events

Palestinian Authority forces are Israel’s foot soldiers

The Palestinian Authority has removed its mask.

The death of prominent Palestinian activist Nizar Banat in PA custody last week and the PA’s subsequent attacks on demonstrators protesting his killing have exposed more than ever the purpose of the PA’s existence.

Palestinian Voices Welcomed into the Aotearoa New Zealand Parliament

Fulfilling an earlier promise to “raise the voices of Palestinian people” in the parliament of Aotearoa New Zealand, just last week, Wellington Palestine and Alternative Jewish Voices were welcomed into parliament by Golriz Ghahraman MP (Green Party) to screen the documentary…

Israeli repression aims to silence Palestinian journalists

Settler colonial enterprises aim to keep the dispossessed from documenting their experiences as part of a wider attempt to dominate and dehumanize them, to quash every element of their independence.

Israel’s violence against Palestinian journalists is one such example….