What we do

The work of PAL is tailored to meet the values and principles articulated in our founding declaration with an eye toward advancing Palestinian presence, strategies, and independence.




The work of PAL is guided by the values and principles articulated in our founding principles, and realized through our concerted, sustained, and substantive efforts at advancing strategies for liberation and self-determination of the Palestinian people.

Our work is structured through various working committees, each of which has a specific function, to advance our vision towards liberation and return. [Click here to find out more about the committees]

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a member, volunteering or attending any future open session of the committees. Email us for more information: support@palassembly.org


We are Palestinians with deep roots in historic Palestine. We are a network of activists, community members and organizations based in North America, united by our common vision of indigenous liberation and decolonization of Palestine. We are dedicated to advancing the right to return, freedom, justice, and equality for all Palestinians.