P.A.L. Statements

PAL is committed to strengthening Palestinian mobilizations for liberation and return; to advancing the political power and representation of Palestinians in spaces and institutions that impact our rights; and to forging a renewed Palestinian unity by strengthening our socio-economic and political bonds.


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PAL Demands a Boycott of the PA and Immediate Halt to the Violence Against Protesters

PAL, along with the undersigned Palestinian organizations and the communities we represent, strongly condemn the Palestinian Authority’s brutal repression of protesters in the West Bank, including its detainment, arrests, and assault of peaceful community leaders.

PAL Demands Accountability for the Assassination of Nizar Banat and a Boycott of the PNA until Free and Fair Elections are Held

PAL, and the communities we represent, strongly condemn and deplore the brutal assassination of Palestinian political activist Nizar Banat.

PAL Launch on the Anniversary of the Palestinian General Strike

In commemoration of the General Strike, the Palestinian Assembly for Liberation announces the launch of its initiative to escalate Palestinian demands for return and liberation without compromise.


We are Palestinians with deep roots in historic Palestine. We are a network of activists, community members and organizations based in North America, united by our common vision of indigenous liberation and decolonization of Palestine. We are dedicated to advancing the right to return, freedom, justice, and equality for all Palestinians.


News & events

Arresting people wanted by justice and seizing an illegal vehicle in Jenin

Jenin – “Al-Quds” dot com – Ali Smoudi – Police in Jenin arrested today, Wednesday, wanted persons, and also seized an illegal vehicle. The Police Public Relations and Information Department stated that 8 wanted persons were arrested, and 30 detention orders were carried out…

Judicial authorizations to the “concerned” countries of the “ammonium nitrate” shipment

The “National News Agency” reported that the judicial investigator in the case of the Beirut Port explosion, Judge Tariq Bitar, is working on establishing internal and external judicial authorizations…

Occupied Jerusalem: The occupation arrests two young men from the Bab Hatta neighbourhood

Occupied Jerusalem – the gateway to the goal The Zionist occupation police arrested, tonight, two young men from the Bab Hatta neighbourhood in the Old City of Jerusalem. Local sources said that the Israeli police arrested…